The answer to all your burning questions about cooking with charcoal and wood-fire in the Charlie Oven.

The Charlie Oven is designed to be used whatever the weather and whatever the season. It’s weatherproof with stainless steel hardware and a powder-coated finish. Its front-opening design retains the heat when it's opened, and keeps the weather well away from your food!

Charlie prefers sustainably-sourced, untreated, lumpwood charcoal. This can be supplemented with wood, or wood-chips, to add depth of smokiness.

No, the Charlie Oven must live outdoors, on a completely flat, hard, weight-bearing surface, not on a balcony.

We only make our ovens in Britain. We're accredited by Made in Britain®. We use steel, advanced insulation and British engineering. Our ovens are built to last. They are designed to maximise heat retention so you don't have to literally burn through all your fuel.

Yes, it is very easy to light. Simply build a small, loose pyramid of charcoal over a couple of natural, untreated fire-lighters. Light the fire-lighters, make sure Charlie’s top and bottom vents are open, shut the door … and leave it. In around 20-30 minutes, Charlie will be up to temperature.

Charlie’s temperature is primarily controlled by airflow: the more air coming through the bottom vent, the hotter the charcoal will burn. Once Charlie is about 20 degrees Celsius short of the temperature you want, simply close-down the bottom vent, throttle down the top vent to about 1/4 open, and the temperature will climb to your desired temperature - and hold. To increase it again, open the bottom vent and add more charcoal if needed.

You can set Charlie from anywhere between 80 degrees Celsius to 350 degrees Celsius. From slow-cooking and braising to intense searing. The desired temperature can be maintained for hours, with almost no intervention.

Charlie is very low maintenance. All of the ash generated by cooking falls through into the ash drawer. Once it’s cool, simply pull it out and empty it into the bin. The racks are easily cleaned with a wire brush. The exterior can just be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water.

The Charlie Oven is mounted on lockable castors, that can be used to move Charlie on hard, flat/even, weight-bearing surfaces. The castors must be locked when in use and while hot. We suggest caution when movng the Charlie Oven and suggest a minimum of two adults: one guiding the front and one pushing the back. The oven is top-heavy and must be moved slowly with support front and back during the move. The oven must only be moved by adults. The oven should not be moved during use.

The Charlie Oven is 70cm deep, 62cm wide, 180cm tall (including the chimney), and weighs over 180kg.

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