Discover Charlie. Pure outdoor cooking pleasure.

The Charlie Oven is the oven that does it all - BBQ grill, smoker, charcoal oven and pizza oven.

A game-changing innovation in outdoor cooking. Inspired by charcoal ovens used by professional chefs. It lets you cook incredible-tasting food, in an incredibly fuel-efficient way.

Effortless to use, all year round, day in, day out.

Hand-built in Britain and built to last.


Luxury outdoor cooking. Made easy.

The iconic outdoor oven with exceptional performance.


A better way to BBQ

Sealing in the smoky flavour and moisture: perfect every time.


Restaurant quality pizzas at home

Bake several pizzas at once - three pizzas, three minutes at 375°C, no turning, no fuss.

Charlie Oven brings your dream of alfresco living to life.

Voted Best Outdoor Oven by the Good Housekeeping Institute 2024

Charlie makes outdoor cooking effortless—whatever the food, whatever the weather, whoever the chef.

A colour for every taste.


Instant Outdoor Kitchen

Our new outdoor kitchen capsule range of cabinets creates an instant outdoor kitchen. Our new island unit is both practical and versatile. And comes in the same great colours as our ovens.


Practical and beautiful

With lots of practical storage for fuel and cooking accessories. With swivel castors to allow you more flexibility. All handbuilt in our factory in Nottingham.

Customer reviews

Chimney Replacement - Charlie Oven
Charlie Charcoal Oven - Porcini - Charlie Oven
The wonderful chef and Co-Founder of Whittle and Flame, Chris Taylor, loves cooking in the Charlie Charcoal Oven.  He loves how easy it is to control and the huge capacity it offers for cooking. Chris is also the co-found of Whittle and Flame Charcoal.
Awarding winning Chef Richard Turner cooks on the Charlie Charcoal Oven and gives it his seal of approval.  In fact, he claims it's better than the Spanish charcoal ovens everyone uses.
Mat Kemp Meatopia Creative Director is a big fan of the Charlie Oven, in fact, he has one at his restaurant in the Workers League. in Whitstable.  He holds regular celebrity chef nights.  He invited the celebrity chef James Cochran to cook on Charlie.

Made a second purchase from Charlie Oven. The customer support was fantastic and really helpful to arrange shipping to my availability. Love the build quality from them. Have really made cooking outside fun.

James Datcher, Trustpilot

We've just taken delivery of our oven and cabinet, in the stunning Safron, a nice bright orange (what a statement piece for the patio), tried it out at the weekend. So easy to fire up and use, boy does the food taste great.

Mark, Trustpilot

Still learning how to use the oven to full effect but so far multiple pizzas, a 12-hour brisket and cold-smoked mackeral have all proved a hit (and easy to do)!

PT Raisbeck, Trustpilot

The Charlie Team handled the sale and delivery with true professionalism. They found the best and least expensive shipping for me. The oven was wrapped for protection and palletized. It arrived at my home in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in excellent condition and in only 10 days!Lumpur,

Donald Wells, Trustpilot

"Love love love our Charlie oven! It’s a thing of beauty in the garden, stunning looking. Fabulously versatile in terms of what we’ve cooked so far - from whole joints of meat slow cooked to cooking pizzas at high temps and veg too does beautifully in the oven. We’ve had great fun with it over the summer and still using it through the winter."

Anneke - Charlie Customer - Paprika

"We are delighted to finally take delivery of our Charlie after spotting the Charlie Ovens in an article last year. The oven is superbly well-made and a stunning piece in our new outdoor kitchen. We went for the Porcini oven, and I am pleased we did, as the color is fabulous.

The oven is not cheap, but it is worth the investment!

CU, Trustpilot

"Fantastic! If you like cooking out doors then this Charlie Oven is for you. You can cook absolutely anything in it from Bread, pizza, a two inch thick porterhouse steak to a full on roast dinner. You can even use it as a smoker."

Andrew - Charlie Customer - Porcini

"The amount of cooking space, direct/indirect optionality and the ability to easily add wood chunks for smoking (or top up the charcoal) makes it a big improvement in usability for me. Add to that it looks brilliant (everyone who has seen it loves the look of it - and they all want to open the door to see inside!) and it feels solid, built to last and bombproof…we love it!"

Steve - Charlie Customer - Paprika

"Our Charlie Oven arrived last week and immediately proved itself by cooking some great pizza and a rib of beef. Really simple to light and heats up quickly. Like any charcoal bbq it'll take a little while to get the hang of delicate temperature control, but the two push/pull vents are very straightforward.
Our oven seems really well built and we're looking forward to many years of tasty cooks from it."

Alan - Charlie Customer - Beetroot

"An incredibly controllable oven that is strong and heavy enough to work for years. They have so much capacity and look brilliant in the garden!"

Chris Taylor @tbone_chops

"Working with the Charlie Oven is a pleasure. Having worked on other Spanish charcoal ovens for years, the Charlie makes much more sense to me, both for direct and indirect cooking."

Richard Turner, award-winning chef, butcher, restauranteur and food writer

"Due to the Charlie Charcoal Oven’s efficiency we used a lot less fuel than we thought.
A magnificent machine and super easy to use whether you’re a top chef or a good loving amateur."

Mat Kemp - Director of Meatopia & Workers League
Lamb cooking in the Charlie Charcoal Oven
Cooked breakfast on the plancha

What is a charcoal oven?

It's an oven that uses charcoal as its primary fuel source. The charcoal sits inside the oven on grates. You can grill directly over the fire or cook indirectly higher up in the oven using the heat held inside the chamber.

The benefit of cooking in a charcoal oven is that you can control the temperature and create a smoky flavour.

Charcoal ovens have been used in professional kitchens for decades. Typically, charcoal ovens can achieve much higher temperatures than domestic ovens. You can use wood to add flavour and extra heat.

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