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Charlie Oven Saffron
Charlie Oven Duck Teal
Charlie Oven Beetroot
Charlie Oven Blue Marlin
Charlie Oven in Porcini  (dark grey)
Charlie Oven Turmeric
Charlie Oven Truffle
Charlie Oven Black Peppercorn
Charlie Oven Oregano
Charlie Oven Saffron Side View
Charlie Oven Saffron Front Open View


Charlie Charcoal Oven

All in one - charcoal BBQ, pizza oven & hot'n'cold smoker. Effortless!

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Colour – Saffron


Nine rack cooking levels for multi-height cooking.

Oven interior cooking chamber and racks are stainless-steel.

Exterior of the oven is weatherproof, powder-coated mild steel with stainless steel hardware and ceramic wool insulation.

Customisation Options

The flue system is modular. It is possible to specify a more extended flue or have sections added to change the direction of the vent (elbows). Additional costs are based on the specification required.

Want a specific colour? We can paint your oven in most RAL colours. However, there is an additional cost for this service. Contact us directly to get a quote at

What's included

.The oven comes with two commercial grade cooking racks as standard.

The oven comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Cooking temperatures

Operating temperature range of 100°C to 400°C.

15-20 minutes to reach 200-250°C temperature.

30 minutes to reach 375-400°C for pizza baking.

Holds temperature for between 4 and 6 hours.

Finance with Klarna

Pay over time from 6 months to 24 months.
10% deposit with first month payment after 30 days.
Choose from:

Maximum finance amount is £5,000 with Klarna.

T&C's apply 18 years and older.

 Klarna. pay over time

With monthly payments from as low as £185.63 for 24 months (plus a 10% upfront deposit), it’s easier than ever to own a Charlie Oven through our partnership with Klarna.

OFFER ENDS: 16th February!  Then the rate reverts back to 4.9% APR

Maximum finance amount is £5,000 with Klarna.  


Term Deposit  APR % Rate
24 months £495 0% £185.63
12 months £495 0% £371.25
6 months £495 0% £742.50




Step 1: At checkout, select Klarna (you will find it below the credit card options) - it will redirect you to the Klarna site to complete your purchase.

Select your oven, enter your delivery details and select pay. When you reach the payment screen, select Pay Oven Time at checkout to start the simple application process.

Step 2: Complete the application 

Enter a few pieces of personal information for a real-time decision.

Step 3: Pick a payment plan 

Select a flexible monthly financing option from 6, 12 or 24 months. Each payment options requires an upfront 10% deposit payment of £495. APR @0%


To be eligible for Klarna credit products you must be at least 18 years old and a UK resident. Your application approval is subject to Klarna's review of your financial circumstances and a full credit search. To improve your application’s chances of success, make sure you enter full and accurate personal details, and have your order delivered to your registered billing address.


Check out our FAQs for more information about financing with Klarna.  

Delivery options

Economy kerbside pallet delivery to mainland GB addresses. Economy delivery usually takes 2-4 days from dispatch. This service doesn't include a specified day or time slot.

Upgrade kerbside pallet delivery to mainland GB for a specified day and time slot at an extra cost.

White glove delivery service is available at an extra cost.

Worldwide shipping available:
Shipping to USA by airfreight usually takes 7 to 10 days. Flat rate applied at checkout.
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    Charlie Oven Saffron
    Charlie Oven Duck Teal
    Charlie Oven Beetroot
    Charlie Oven Blue Marlin
    Charlie Oven in Porcini  (dark grey)
    Charlie Oven Turmeric
    Charlie Oven Truffle
    Charlie Oven Black Peppercorn
    Charlie Oven Oregano
    Charlie Oven Saffron Side View
    Charlie Oven Saffron Front Open View

    Six reasons to buy a Charlie Charcoal Oven

    • 1. Made in Britain, built to last

      Hand-crafted from the finest quality stainless steel, a powder-coated finish. Made in Britain, Charlie is weatherproof. So not only is it highly functional, but it also makes a striking outdoor garden design statement.

    • 2. Easy to use

      Charlie has only two moving parts, the upper and lower air vent control knobs. These control the airflow and thus the oven temperature. The more air comes through the bottom vent, the charcoal will burn hotter. Easy peasy.

    • 3. Big capacity and versatile

      Charlie has 2.5 times the capacity of a domestic oven! It has nine cooking rack positions to allow many different cooking options. Cook indirectly (away from the fire) or directly (close to the fire). The cooking racks are professional-grade.

    • Smoked lamb hung inside the  the Charlie Charcoal Oven and cooked for 3 hours at 110 degrees C

      4. All-in-one oven

      Charlie is the perfect solution to all your outdoor cooking needs. It's a BBQ grill, a smoker, a pizza oven and a charcoal oven in one.

    • Cooking in the Charlie Charcoal Oven is one of the most sustainable ways to cook with live fire.  A single load can last 4-6 hours.

      5. Fuel efficient

      Charlie’s sealed design and superior thermal insulation mean it uses 45% less charcoal than an open grill. As a result, one modest load of charcoal will last for four to six hours.

    • 6. Use all year round

      Cooking outside isn’t just for BBQ season. Charlie is weatherproof and designed to work whatever the weather. Unlike top-opening barbecues or ovens, our fr

    Buy with confidence

    • Sustainable

      The front opening design and insulated construction makes Charlie incredibly fuel efficient.

    • Returns accepted

      We accept returns within 14 days

    • Shipping

      We offer economy pallet kerbside delivery to mainland GB. The oven will arrive fully assembled ready to use.

    • Worldwide shipping

      We ship worldwide. If you don't find shipping rates at checkout contact us. We ship to the USA by air, normal delivery time is 10 days.

    Reviews from our customers

    Customer review of  the Charlie Charcoal Oven in Teal used as part of an outdoor kitchen
    Customer reviews  the Charlie Charcoal Oven Teal Duck
    SaffronCharlie Charcoal Oven-  a vibrant orange.  A top seller in the Charlie charcoal oven line up
    Beetroot Charlie Charcoal Oven a deep colour purple.  A top seller in the Charlie charcoal oven line up

    Oven looks spectacular in its setting; it could have been tailor made for our space! Lights easily, better than egg bbq. Really well made. Because it keeps a stable temp for so long, other food can be added after the main event, very useful!

    Kevin, Charlie customer, Teal Duck

    It is a thing of beauty and is heating up well. Best buy this year!

    Carolyn, Charlie customer, Teal Duck

    We have used it time and time again since its arrival on our patio for cooking up amazing dishes.
    Roast potatoes has been the biggest win, super crispy with a fluffy centre and a subtle hint of smoke.
    The versatility of the Charlie Charcoal Oven is unmeasured with so much grill space and huge options in distance from the coals. It will take me years to exhaust the cooking options and combinations.
    A big bonus with Charlie compared to ceramic type BBQ's is the ability to add fuel and smoking woods as needed during long cooks with no need to lift out grates or heat deflectors etc.

    Daniel, Porcini

    I bought this fantastic colourful oven 4 weeks ago. The first impression is how well it is made, and the second is the wonderful splash of colour it brings to the garden. It is very simple to use after only a little practice. So far have cooked at low temperature as well as Pizza at high temperature. Following guidance given by Neil and Tara you simply can't go wrong. My results initially varied a little through the learning curve, but are now very pleasing. It is a joy to use, easy to clean and is built to last.I am extremely pleased I bought it.

    Geof, Charlie Customer, Saffron

    We bought this at the Cheltenham food festival, safe to say it was the best purchase we’ve done in a while. The charlie oven has been great this summer. It’s made me become a better cook (with a few learning curves!!) and host for my friends and family. It’s really nice to have an oven like appliance that is very well built and made of premium quality materials. Customer service was great at the Cheltenham food festival as well. I fully recommend if you love using BBQs at home and want something that can do everything all at once… smoker, BBQ/Grill and pizza oven! 

    Alex, Charlie Customer, Beetroot

    Customer Reviews

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