How to videos

How to videos showing you how to cook with Charlie.  We find videos help bring instructions to life.  We've created content to show you the simple steps for using Charlie.

How Charlie works, everything you want to know in one video

Thinking about buying a Charlie Oven?  Then watch this video!

  • Neil (Charlie Co-founder) talks in detail about what a Charlie Oven is and what it can do.
  • Learn about why the food tastes so amazing and why it is effortless to use. And why Charlie is incredibly fuel efficient.

How to light the Charlie Oven

Lighting the Charlie Oven takes three easy steps:

  • Pull knobs out to open the vent.
  • Make a shallow pyramid of charcoal towards the middle of the grates and light one or two natural wood/wool firelighters at the base of the pyramid.
  • Close the door. The Charlie Oven then just needs to be left alone for it to get up to temperature. It can reach peak temperature – if you so wish - of up to 350 degrees Celsius, in about 30 minutes or so.

Cook whatever you like

Perfect Steaks T-Bone & Ribeye

We suggest cooking the best steak quality you can afford and serving it sliced, to make it go further. Beautifully blush pink in the middle, seasoned generously with salt and then seared to perfection for a couple of minutes. How do you cook yours?

Pizza Time

Only four simple steps:

  • Heat up the oven to 375°C. 
  • Use a preheated pizza stone or pizza steel.  
  • Close the door and wait 4 to 5 mins.
  • Enjoy pizza that tastes like it came from your favourite pizzeria. Buon Appetito!

BBQ Chicken

BBQ roast chicken tonight? Keeping it simple can still be tasty. Spatchcock chicken cooked the Charlie way. The lovely charcoal aroma gets into the meat making it delicious and moist.

Dirty Leeks

Cooking with fire transforms the taste of everything, especially vegetables! The Charlie Oven helps you
find new ways to eat more veg.

Adding flavour and interest by cooking with charcoal and wood elevates the taste of the humblest veg. We love dirty cooking - putting veggies like leeks straight on top of the fire. The outside charrs at the same time as the inside steams. Just remove the outer layers and a flavour bomb awaits!!!

Baking Bread

Making bread is a pleasure in the Charlie Oven. The oven can reach temperatures higher than normal domestic ovens, allowing you to get better results. Bake like a baker.

View Bread recipe