Goodbye BBQ & ceramic eggs! Discover Charlie Oven!

We're on a mission to transform the way people cook outdoors.

The Cheeky Charlie Oven Company is a British company that makes outdoor charcoal ovens and complementary kitchen furniture pieces. With proper, professional-grade materials, every piece is built to last and work in snow, rain, or shine.

Our products are handmade in Britain. The fine welding makes it airtight and smooth - all the hardware is milled from solid stainless steel. The UV resistant, powder coat paintwork, done by hand, adds the final touch to the perfect finish.

Tara and Neil are the minds behind Charlie. We love our food, our garden, and entertaining at home with family and friends. We always dreamt of the perfect outdoor lifestyle, but reality often involved hovering over a smoky BBQ, wrestling with unpredictable weather, and cooking disappointments.

Charlie isn't just functional; it's a work of art. It's a lifetime investment, not a flimsy, mass-produced BBQ. We prioritise quality and small-batch craftsmanship, proudly made in Britain.

What sets Charlie apart is its versatility – it's a charcoal oven, a BBQ, a smoker, a pizza oven, and a regular oven, all rolled into one. It revolutionises outdoor cooking, making it sustainable, stylish, and year-round. Using it is as enjoyable as savouring the food and company it brings.

How it all began

A love of bread making

Lockdown brought some exciting surprises our way! We got ourselves a commercial charcoal oven to level up our bread-baking game, and boy, did it deliver! The crust and crumb were spot-on. Then, one day, we decided to get creative with some seafood – seabream, mussels, prawns – and tossed them into the oven. The result was mind-blowing! It felt like we were transported to a Greek seaside taverna, savoring that incredible smoky goodness.

What amazed us even more was how easy it was to use and how the charcoal flavor seeped into the food. It tasted like a restaurant-quality meal, but we whipped it up ourselves with minimal fuss.

We couldn't believe that such an awesome tool, a staple in professional kitchens, hadn't made its way into the homes of food enthusiasts like us before!

What inspired the design look?

About four years ago, we redesigned our garden. We created a lovely dining area, a seating area with a fire pit and lots of attractive planting. The big dilemma we had was where to put our BBQ? It didn't match our beautiful garden, so we hid it behind a bush. 

We wanted Charlie to be a thing of beauty in the garden, a design feature people feel proud to display. And with the option of a beautiful colour palette to match their design.

Made in Britain. Built by hand.

Our Charlie Oven is proudly made in Britain, designed to handle the ever-changing British weather. Crafted with professional-grade materials, it's built to endure snow, rain, or sunshine. Skilled craftspeople meticulously handcraft each oven using bending and welding equipment, ensuring precision and an airtight, smooth finish. We take pride in using milled solid stainless steel for all hardware components, and even the paintwork is expertly done by hand to achieve the perfect finish. Our commitment to quality and durability shines through every detail.

The Charlie Charcoal Oven LogoThe Charlie Charcoal Oven Logo

Why call it Charlie?

We get asked this a lot. Where did the name come from? We wanted a name with personality that could be a name for a girl or boy. Charlie just felt right. It links to charcoal and charring ... and Tara's sister is called Charlotte!

We named our company "Cheeky Charlie Oven Company Ltd." Stay tuned for some cheeky plans we have in store for the future!

Our Charlie rarely gets time off

From pizzas, sourdough bread, roast chicken, and salmon … to vegetables that the kids will actually eat.

We want everyone to enjoy cooking in a Charlie Oven at home. For us, it's not about elaborate cooking techniques; it's a simple piece of kit to use, it's hassle-free, and it can cook lots of food at the same time.