We want to make what you cook outdoors, and how you cook outdoors, simply effortless and absolutely amazing. 

We’re a business owned and run by family and friends. 

We really love our home.  We love our garden.  We love our food.  We love our family and friends.

And what we’ve always loved best is bringing them all together.  Those magical evenings when we’re all sitting around together outdoors, around a meal and a few drinks, relaxing and chatting and laughing, in a beautiful place.  A couple of us (often the self-proclaimed hardy males in the party!) bravely tending the BBQ, flipping, prodding, poking and pretending not to cry from the smoke.

But … (why is there always a “but”?) despite the lovely space we’ve spent time and thought and money creating, the people we’ve invited, the wine we’ve chilled, the ingredients we’ve bought … the BBQ thing (if we’re honest with ourselves) has always been something of a victory of style of substance.  Of fun, camaraderie and theatre over actual, tasty, delicious food.  It never seems to bring the best out of us as chefs!

So … we thought … how about if the food matched the brilliant company, matched the beautiful setting, matched all that loveliness?  Goodbye BBQ.  Hello Charlie.  An infinitely better way to cook outdoors, to cook with charcoal, to cook all year-round, to be a design statement in our back garden.  The world’s top chefs have been using sealed, charcoal ovens for years, to turn out simply amazing food.  Why not us too?  Why not make it look beautiful?  Why not make it as easy and relaxing to use as it is to sit and enjoy the food and company?

Why not indeed?  So, we made it.  In Britain.  With proper, professional-grade materials.  Built to last.  Built to work in snow, rain, or shine.  Built to be a pleasure to use and admire.  Built to bring the best out of us as cooks, hosts, parents and friends.

And our Charlie Oven rarely gets a day off.  From pizzas and sourdough bread and roast chickens and salmon … to vegetables that the kids will actually eat.

We want everyone to have the joy of cooking in a Charlie Oven at home.  For us, it's not about elaborate cooking techniques, it's a simple piece of kit to use, it's hassle free and it can cook lots of food at the same time.