BBQ Grilled Carabineros Prawns with Bloody Mary Saucegrilled in the charlie oven.

BBQ Grilled Carabineros Prawns with Bloody Mary Dipping Sauce



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What can I say about these elusive prawns? Much coveted in the world of chefs: you’re about to see why. I first ate these at a 3-star restaurant in Denia called Quique DaCosta.  "The dish was super elaborate. But – actually - in my opinion, these are best just lightly grilled and seasoned with salt. 

Their depth of flavour is incredible and - to copy a great friend of mine, who over the years has also cooked these in his amazing restaurants Jose Pizarro – “Don’t forget to suck the heads!’’


As you lightly cook them, something magic happens in the prawn’s head. Everything turns into a truly delicious soup: trust me, it’s worth it. Soak up all the incredible flavour of the prawns, worth every single penny!" Chef Chris Mackett.

BBQ prawns with bloody mary dipping sauce
Source: Chef Chris Mackett Charlie Oven Festive Masterclass

Prep time

10 min

Cook time

4-5 min


4 pers




•           4 XXL carabineros prawn

•           1 tbsp commis olive oil

•           100ml thick tomato ketchup (I've used Stokes Farm ketchup for this)

•           1 tsp Tabasco

•           1 tbsp creamed horseradish

•           Pinch of celery salt

•           Maldon sea salt, just for seasoning

•           A few celery leaves

•           1 x lemon for zesting


Step 1 - Prep and heat the Charlie Oven.

Heat the Charlie Oven to 200°°Place a plancha plate into the oven to pre heat it

Step 2 - Make the sauce.

Place the tomato ketchup, horseradish, celery salt and Tabasco into a small mixing bowl. ( a splash of vodka if you like. )

Place the sauce in a bowl for dipping.

Step 3 - Grill.

Lightly drizzle with olive oil over the prawns, Place the prawns onto the Charlie Oven plancha and cook on them both sides for two minutes. 

Step 4 - Serve and enjoy.

Remove the prawns from the grill and drizzle the tail with a little of the Bloody Mary sauce, sprinkle with a little Maldon salt, a few celery leaves and a light zesting of the lemon: serve and eat immediately.