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Hot Smoked Oysters



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Hot Smoking the Charlie Oven Way

Prepare to be blown away by the incredible smoking capabilities of the Charlie Charcoal Oven! With just a piece of fruit wood added to the charcoal, your dishes will be infused with a subtle yet tantalizing aroma and an extra layer of mouth-watering flavour. Get ready for a cooking experience like no other!
Fresh oysters going into the charlie oven to be hot smoked over cherry wood in the Charlie Charcoal Oven
Charlie customer Dan  cooking oysters in his Porcini Charlie Oven

Prep time

10 min

Cook time

30-40 min


4-6 pers




United Kingdom


Fresh oysters
Cherry Wood 


Step 1

Set up the Charlie to 110ºC / 225ºF with the coal pile arranged at the back of the oven. Place a chunk of wood on the charcoal, I used cherry for these.

Step 2

Shuck the oysters leaving some of the liquid in the shells.

Step 3

Once the wood is smoking arrange the oysters on the cooking grate about 2/3 of the way up the oven. Avoid having any directly over the coals.

Charlie customer recipe by Dan
Photos from Dan, Charlie Customer.

Step 4

Cook for 30-40 mins and then check, they should have taken on a lovely golden hue. 

Charlie customer recipe by Dan
Photos from Dan, Charlie Customer.

Step 5

Pour off any additional liquid in the shells and turn the oyster meat in the shells and then smoke for a further 10-15 mins until the undersides have some colour. 

Step 6

Eat straight away or use in other dishes, such as a beef shin and smoked oyster pie … the world quite literally is your (smoked) oyster!


Charlie customer recipe by Dan
Dan at the Charlie Oven Fish and Seafood Masterclass.