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BBQ Picanha



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The Best Way to Cook Picanha on a BBQ

What is the best way to cook Picanha? What is the best way to cut Picanha? Here is a foolproof solution for perfect Picanha steaks.  This piece of beef is popular in Brazil. It is from the rump section of beef, which has an amazing fat cap, which renders down during the cooking process. Traditionally, the Picanha is cut into steaks, which are skewered and cooked over charcoal.   In this recipe, we roast the Picanha whole briefly, then slice it against the grain into steaks to grill on the BBQ with Charlie Oven. 
BBQ Picanha meat from Tom Hixson, cooked in the Charlie Oven
Picture taken from Steaks, Sides and Sauces Charlie Masterclass with Chef Chris Taylor

Prep time

60 min

Cook time

5-10 min


4-6 pers




United Kingdom


1kg Picanha 
 Maldon salt


Step 1

Using a medium-heat charcoal bed, you want the Charlie Oven running at about 200°C.

Step 2

Place a shelf about 15cm above the charcoal. Keep the joint fridge-cold and liberally season,
then place the whole joint over the charcoal. Close the door and roast for 5 minutes,

Step 3

The aim is to get colour on the crust and render the fat down at this stage - that’s why
we keep the meat cold. This will make sure all the fat is cooked through when cooking the
steaks. Remove and leave to cool for about an hour.

Step 4

Bring the oven up to 300°C, slice the picanha across the grain into steaks.

Slicing roasted picanha across the grain to  prepare it to be cooked as a steak
Picture taken from Steaks, Sides and Sauces Charlie Masterclass with Chef Chris TaylorPhotos from Dan, Charlie Customer.

Step 5

Salt all over and grill the steaks over a high heat, moving the steaks around and moving to a
cool zone if the flames get too high. Once they reach an internal temperature of 47-50°C,
leave them to rest for the same amount of time you have cooked them.

Step 6

Slice each steak and serve.

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