BBQ Dirty Leeks - Charlie Oven

BBQ Dirty Leeks

Servings   Prep Time      Cook Time

4                          5 minutes                     20 minutes


  • 3 or 4 leeks.  Ensure they are cleaned thoroughly before cooking.


  1. Heat the Charlie Oven up to 180°C.  Add wood for flavour if you wish. You want a good medium to hot heat.

  2. Place the leeks directly onto the fire.  Close the door.  After a couple of minutes, turn the leeks.  Continue to turn until the outside is an even colour.  Depending on the size of the leeks, either remove them from the oven or place them on a higher rack to allow a couple of extra minutes to cook. 

  3. Leave the cooked leeks until you are ready to serve.  Immediately before serving remove the outer burnt layers and season with salt and pepper.  


Recipe Note

The method of cooking works well with lots of ingredients.  Try doing it with Celeriac or Pumpkin.

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