We want to make what you cook outdoors, and how you cook outdoors, simply effortless and absolutely amazing. 

The Charlie Oven came about from a love of baking bread. Tara, our CEO and Co-founder, was a keen home baker. So she was searching for an oven that would reach a high enough temperature to create the perfect loaf.   This is when she came across charcoal ovens in commercial kitchens. Having tried one out, she quickly realised this type of cooking was perfect for all kinds of food.   The challenge was to take something from professional kitchens and translate it into something perfect for home use.

The name Charlie comes from a play on charcoal. We wanted a name which has personality and could be both male and female.  We've tried to tell a close member of our family who is called Charlotte that it is not named after her, but she's not having it! 

For us, it’s transformed the lovely outdoor space we’ve spent time and thought and money creating. The old BBQ thing (if we’re honest with ourselves) was always something of a victory of style of substance.  Of fun with friends and a bit of cooking theatre over actual, tasty, delicious food.  It never seemed to bring the best out of us as chefs! 

Goodbye BBQ.  Hello Charlie.  For us, it’s been an infinitely better way to cook outdoors, to cook with charcoal, to cook all year-round - and to be a design statement in our back garden.  It’s just as easy and relaxing to use as it is to sit and enjoy the food and company.

We’ve made Charlie in Britain, to cope with the British weather.  With proper, professional-grade materials.  Built to last and work in snow, rain, or shine.  Built to be a pleasure to use and admire - and to bring the best out of us as cooks, hosts, parents and friends.

And our Charlie Oven rarely gets a day off.  From pizzas and sourdough bread and roast chickens and salmon … to vegetables that the kids will actually eat.

We want everyone to have the joy of cooking in a Charlie Oven at home. For us, it's not about elaborate cooking techniques, it's a simple piece of kit to use, it's hassle free and it can cook lots of food at the same time.