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What are the Charlie Oven dimensions?

Charlie is 180cm tall, 60cm wide, 70cm deep and weighs 130kg.

Where is the Charlie Oven made?

Charlie is made in Britain from the highest quality, professional grade materials.

Is the Charlie Oven usable all year round?

The Charlie Oven is designed to be used whatever the weather and whatever the season.  It’s weatherproof with marine grade steel hardware with stainless steel fittings and a powder-coated finish.  It will not rust.

Where does The Charlie Oven live?

Charlie must live outdoors, on a completely flat, hard, weight-bearing surface, not on a balcony.

Can the Charlie Oven move around?

Charlie is mounted on lockable castors, that can be used to move Charlie on hard, weight-bearing surfaces.  The castors must be locked when in use and while hot.

What fuel does the Charlie Oven use?

Charlie prefers sustainably-sourced, untreated, lumpwood charcoal.  This can be supplemented with wood, or wood-chips, to add depth of smokiness.

Is the Charlie Oven easy to set up and light?

Charlie is a doddle to light.  Simply build a small, loose pyramid of charcoal over a couple of natural, untreated fire-lighters.  Light the fire-lighters, make sure Charlie’s top and bottom vents are open, shut the door … and leave it.  In around 30 minutes, Charlie will be up to temperature.

How do you control the Charlie Oven temperature?

Charlie’s temperature is primarily controlled by airflow: the more air coming through the bottom vent, the hotter the charcoal will burn.  Once Charlie has reached the temperature you want, simply close-down the bottom vent and the temperature will hold.  To increase it again, open the bottom vent and add more charcoal if needed.

What’s the Charlie Oven operating temperature range?

You can set Charlie from anywhere between 80 degrees Celsius to 350 degrees Celcius.  From slow-cooking and braising to intense searing.  The desired temperature can be maintained for hours, with almost no intervention.

What’s multi-height cooking?

One of Charlie’s unique features – due to its sheer volume and its design – is its ability to cook many elements of a meal at the same time, on different racks in the oven, with the ability to set the lowest rack just above the burning charcoal, to sear with flame.

Is the Charlie Oven easy to clean?

Charlie is very low maintenance.  All of the ash generated by cooking falls through into the ash drawer.  Once it’s cool, simply pull it out and empty it into the bin.  The racks are easily cleaned with a wire brush. The exterior can just be cleaned with a sponge and soapy water.

What colours does the Charlie Oven come in?

Charlie comes in our bespoke range of eight distinctive colours, double-powder coated to give a deep, totally weather-proof lustre. If you want a completely unique colour, Charlie can be ordered in any RAL colour you choose, for an additional fee.

Does the Charlie Oven come fully assembled?

Charlie comes in two sections:  the top oven and the bottom stand with ash pan.  The Charlie comes with standard curtsied pallet delivery.  For an extra £150 you can have white glove delivery where the oven will be set up in your garden ready to use.

What are the delivery lead-times?

If the colour you choose is in stock, Charlie can be delivered to your home within 7 working days of your order. If the colour you choose is not in stock, one will be manufactured for you and delivered within 8 to 10 weeks of your order.

Does the Charlie Oven come with a guarantee?

Yes, Charlie comes with a three-year guarantee covering parts and labour.

What safety precautions should be observed with the Charlie Oven?

Charlie’s exterior surfaces get hot when in use (not the handle), but the superior insulation means that these are unlikely ever to exceed 80 degrees Celcius.  As one might expect: use outdoors only; keep children and pets away; do not touch any hot surfaces; use heat-proof safety gloves; keep castors locked on a flat, stable surface; do not pour water onto hot embers; keep combustible materials at least 50cm away; do not move oven when in use; do not use flammable liquids or accelerants (see the Charlie User Manual on our website for full safety information).

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