Garden Design Colour Inspiration - Charlie Oven

Garden Design Colour Inspiration

How a new outdoor oven could be the inspiration for your garden colour design

A totally new way to think about outdoor cooking.
When you’re designing a beautiful garden, colour is every bit as important as structure. The Charlie Oven is an excitng new innovation in outdoor cooking, which marries beautiful design feature with a new, effortless way to cook delicious food.  

But BBQs, grills, smokers and even outdoor kitchens are usually things to be worked around, not used as a striking, colourful centrepiece.  If we’re honest, most outdoor cooking devices put function way ahead of form and are best hidden away in a discreet corner of the garden.

The Charlie Oven is all-in-one charcoal BBQ, pizza oven, smoker, and grill.  Inspired by charcoal ovens that are the secret of top professional kitchens around the world, it is quite simply the best way to cook outdoors.
Easy to use, weatherproof and built to last, with stainless steel hardware and powder-coated steel, the front-opening design means you can cook incredible tasting food outdoors - all year round. 
With an aesthetic to make your outdoor space look beautiful.  Most importantly, it uses around 45% less fuel than an open grill.

Colour is usually the first thing people notice in garden design.

And it’s absolutely fundamental to great garden design.
At the most instinctive and simple level, there’s the choice between warm and cool colours.  Warm colours like yellow, magenta, orange and red bring energy and excitement. Even at a distance, they grab your attention.
Cool colours, like blue, violet and purple tend to feel soothing and relaxing – and are often better for close-up viewing.

We've chosen a vibrant palette of colours. All our colours are inspired by food ingredients: from the Middle Eastern promise of Saffron to the reserved sophistication of Porcini. The colours pop in the garden all year round. So even on the greyest day, our ovens brighten up your outdoor space.

Colour has become even more visually important as we’ve seen huge changes in the way people use their outdoor spaces at home.

The garden has become an extension of the living area – and especially the kitchen.  With people spending more than ever … and demanding ever-better results.  Just think about the explosion in popularity of things like great-looking home pizza ovens and fire pits.
But – let’s not forget – the primary purpose of cooking is to create great-tasting food.  With a conventional BBQ, there’s that all-too-frequent disappointment when it comes to the food itself, which should be the highlight of the show, but which is often a victory of theatre, anticipation and style … over substance.

Buy well, buy once.

The Charlie Oven is a professional-grade piece of engineering.  It’s made in Britain, from the finest quality steel.  It’s totally weatherproof, for use all year round. Every part of it feels incredibly solid and precise to the touch. It’s double-enamelled in our range of nine bespoke colours - and makes a striking outdoor design statement.


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